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The Riverwalk Trust-Connecting the Community

The Riverwalk Trust-Connecting the Community

Logo of the Riverwalk TrustThe word connectivity means different things to different people. In business, connections usually land you a key job, a promotion, a new account or an introduction to a key resource for building your business. Outside of the workplace, connections lead to new friendships or maybe to long-term romantic relationships (even marriage). People often use the term connection when describing the feeling of being mystically drawn to a physical place, to nature or toward a particular philosophy.

In Downtown Fort Lauderdale, the Riverwalk Trust uses the spectacular physical place of Riverwalk Park as a connector in many ways as it winds its way along the New River. At its most basic level, the park connects its visitors to nature – lush landscaping along a lovely, riverfront setting. You can’t sit on a waterfront park bench without leaving your everyday cares behind just a little. The Riverwalk also connects us to our history – the entire area was the birthplace of our city, the place where Seminoles and settlers traded goods and “connected” over 100 years ago.

Importantly, the Riverwalk connects people in many different ways. Neighbors walking their dogs at dusk, yachties celebrating happy hour on their fly bridges along the New River, jazz aficionados at an event, lovers lingering over a meal at a riverside café, botanists admiring the stellar collection of palms and native plants and cultural connoisseurs. The physical space that is Riverwalk clearly influences the connection of the community it touches.

The Riverwalk Trust, through its membership and events, connects people in business and pleasure. To get involved, call (954) 468-1541, or e-mail info@GoRiverwalk.com.

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