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Watch while we develop QPQ

Enjoying Get Downtown with friends Ken & Terri Ortner and Gary & Kathryn Rudolf

I originally conceived this idea when several friends advised that “Banker” did not really describe what I was about. I took that to heart and about a year ago decided to join forces with my husband to create something. While pondering…I volunteered my time as Transition Chair at Riverwalk Trust. This turned into an interim Pres/CEO role, one that sharpened my skills at examining this not for profit and applying business planning principles to maintain and move it forward.

Mike developed the name, a spin on my connecting and bartering skills.  I came up with the tag line (being known for thinking out of the box—a right brain trained to be a left brain!) Conceive .Connect .Create with a Passion for making things happen was born.

Our QuinnProQuo site is in process…so watch as it develops.  We decided to let everyone see this website as we get it ” ready to launch”.  My blog…called “Passions” follows my business, connectivity, community and advocacy. We are excited to step out and make it happen! Thanks for tuning in. RKQ

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