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Caribe Arts Fest comes to Riverfront at Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Caribe Arts Fest 2012Caribe Arts Fest brings a free community event featuring indie films, art, music, food and much more of the Caribbean to the historical Riverfront along the New River on Downtown Fort Lauderdale!

Caribe Arts Fest will be held in Downtown, Fort Lauderdale on Friday, September 28 till Sunday, September 30, 2012. A three day celebration of Caribbean artistic expressions from talents across South Florida and the Diaspora. This first of its kind festival will showcase multimedia creations representing and encompassing the culture, essence and creativity of the Caribbean Diaspora. A display of the latest trends in painting, photography, sculpture, performance arts, film, multimedia and much more awaits.

Caribe Arts Fest is organized by artists, competent in artrepreneurship and experienced in producing professional, successful exhibits and music festivals in South Florida. This upscale affair will introduce artists to mainstream markets that support and develop their work.

Plan your visit HERE>>>

Caribe Arts Fest 2012

Caribe Arts Fest

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