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Dine Out Lauderdale Gourmet Prix-Fixe $35 Dinners October 1 – November 10, 2011

Dine Out Lauderdale

Open Table Presents Dine Out Lauderdale

Dine Out Lauderdale starts soon — book now to enjoy this delicious deal!

What: $35 3-Course Dinners
Who: Savvy OpenTable Diners Like You
When: October 1 – November 10

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Posted in Events and Fort Lauderdale by on September 9th, 2011 at 1:12 pm.

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Tick! Tock! Time Flies…Introducing LastMinute Lauderdale

Tick! Tock! Time Flies…and you’ve waited until the, yes, Last Minute to make your plans.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the rewards of not planning ahead. The “pros” of procrastination. At LastMinute Lauderdale, when time flies you can climb aboard and let it take you someplace great.

Have you noticed that many good deals “pop” up at the last minute and stay alive for only a brief time? The chef’s “fresh from the market” special at your favorite restaurant, a hot “stay-cation” weekend package at a luxurious beach resort, a special price on the last few tickets to a wonderful charity black-tie event or day-of tickets to a sold out show, mid-week two-for-one treatments at a fabulous spa or a tonight-only promotion at an exciting night spot. Of course, let’s not ignore a good old fashioned half-off sale at a trendy boutique.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to be everywhere at once, so the majority of these deals will expire without you even knowing about them. That’s bad for you, and bad for the merchant. But now, the LastMinute Community can be your eyes and ears, hipping you to all the best now-or-never local deals.

LastMinute Lauderdale is a social network helping people share great, time-sensitive opportunities with each other and enabling merchants to inform their customers about special “LastMinute” offers. By sharing these “expiring experiences” we help people discover hidden opportunities, maybe save some money and create a following for our local businesses. LastMinute Lauderdale is a central point to get the word out at, like the name says, the last minute.

The Mission: Connect the Community and Create Opportunity     LIKE them on Facebook!     FOLLOW them on Twitter!

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Posted in Connections and Fort Lauderdale and QuinnProQuo by on June 25th, 2011 at 12:59 pm.

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Happy Birthday Fort Lauderdale!

Happy Birthday Fort Lauderdale!

The City of Fort Lauderdale will turn 100 in 2011! To mark this momentous occasion, the City Commission established a Centennial Celebration Committee. This volunteer committee is in the process of planning events and projects to celebrate Fort Lauderdale’s past, present and future in 2011.


About the Centennial Celebration Committee

Chaired by former Mayor and U.S. Congressman E. Clay Shaw, the Centennial Celebration Committee is comprised of 21 Fort Lauderdale residents with ties to the local business, historical, educational and cultural communities. Committee members will draw on their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to plan an inclusive commemoration that appeals to residents, businesses and visitors.

In planning for this momentous historic milestone, the Centennial Celebration Committee has been gathering input from residents, businesses and local organizations to create a celebration that pays tribute to Fort Lauderdale’s past, present and future. The Committee is in the process of finalizing their recommendations to the City Commission for a yearlong celebration of citywide events and activities. The Committee plans to present its final recommendations to the City Commission later this year.

The Centennial Celebration will showcase Fort Lauderdale’s rich cultural heritage through a series of exciting events and educational programs. The Committee is compiling a list of residents that made the most significant contributions to Fort Lauderdale and they are asking for suggestions from the public. The nominees can be from any period of Fort Lauderdale’s history.

Centennial Events

Plan to celebrate the Centennial with us! The City will host several free events throughout the year to commemorate Fort Lauderdale’s 100th Birthday. The City will also partner with local organizations to sanction other events around town. The following is a list of events scheduled to take place during the Centennial celebration, so mark your calendar. To learn how to become a sanctioned event please call (954) 828-4743.


    • December 9 – Unveiling of Official Centennial Poster by Charles Fazzino
    • December 11 – Winterfest Boat Parade
    • December 19 – Christmas Pageant, First Baptist Church
    • December 31 – Centennial Downtown Countdown


    • January 14 – Fort Lauderdale Woman’s Club Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    • January 15 – Fort Lauderdale Woman’s Club Bubble Que & 100th Birthday Celebration
    • January 28 – First Baptist Church Centennial Breakfast
    • January 30 – Dr. Paul George Intracoastal Waterway Boat Tour
    • March 4 – History Fair
    • March 12 – St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival
    • March 24 – Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast
    • March 26 – Dr. George Bonnet House Tour
    • March 27 – Birthday Party, 100th Anniversary of the incorporation of Fort Lauderdale
    • July 4 – Centennial Fourth of July Celebration on Fort Lauderdale Beach
    • December 31 – Centennial Downtown Countdown

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Posted in Events and Fort Lauderdale by on October 3rd, 2010 at 4:40 pm.

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Winterfest will celebrate 40 Years with a new Cook Book & Libations project!

It’s May, celebrate spring and what better way than with two of my favorite margaritas…Prickly Pear & Fresh Lime. That got me thinking about an upcoming project that I am chairing for the Winterfest Board.  We will document Winterfest’s culinary history by bringing together all the great appetizers, dinners and desserts served through the years at all of those amazing Boat Parade parties.  We will be recruiting local chefs and mixologists to help develop and match the food with signature drinks!  Watch for more details and where to send your favorite recipes.

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Posted in QuinnProQuo and Winterfest Boat Parade by on May 5th, 2010 at 6:01 pm.

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