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“Broward County is a “hotbed” of community activists! Individuals and businesses are exemplary in contributing their time, talent and resources to better our community for all! BUT – there is none better at this than Renée Quinn! Of all of the people that I have had the pleasure to meet and to work with in 25 years as Community Relations Director for Miller Construction Company, Renée stands head and shoulders above us all!

Renée’s “people skills” are superb!…..I have encouraged her to “write a book” on dealing with others! Her ability to collaborate – and to encourage others to collaborate – have helped us all to “think outside the box” and – of course – this leads to bigger successes! Working with Renée is a delight – we all look forward to each of her endeavors and we all hope that we are given the opportunity to join her and to learn from her!

QuinnProQuo is certain to be an outstanding success and I personally will look forward to Renée’s future endeavors with great anticipation!”

Virginia I. (Ginny) Miller | Community Relations Director | Miller Construction Company

“Renée Quinn, wow! I was so privileged to first get to know Renée when I was chairing Riverwalk Trust and Renée was chairing the Special Events and Marketing Committee. It was at a time when Riverwalk Trust was moving away from the organization that only sold bricks to becoming an integral part of the growth of the Riverwalk surroundings. She made things happen almost seamlessly with an incredible attention to detail.

I watched as she moved into the position of Riverwalk Trust Chair and successfully developed partnerships and relationships throughout the community that enabled Riverwalk Trust to become a dominant organization within the downtown. And somehow Renée managed to be an influence to so many organizations at the same time that she continued her successful banking career.

In her own way, Renée is able to have the private sector buy-in to and understand the needs of the not-for-profit sector. This ability to build relationships is such a unique trait. She is enthusiastic, yet quiet and deliberate in her approach. Renée is a valuable asset to any team.”

Kenneth A. Ortner | C.P.A. | Kenneth A. Ortner P.A.

“Renée is the best at bringing people together that I have ever met. She is professional but gracious and that makes her attractive to everyone she meets. I would support any endeavor she undertakes with a simple phone call from her without asking a single question.”

Bob Drinon | President and CEO | Premier Beverage Company

“Renée Quinn and I have worked on various community events and projects together over the years. She has been able to lead and engage people at every level to bring the event or project to a successful conclusion. Her ideas, her efforts and her creativity gel into what we call a “go to” person whom you turn to when you want something done and done well. Add enthusiasm and business savvy to the mix and you have Renée’s talent described. I always enjoy the experience of working with her.”

Gale Butler | Vice President | AutoNation

“I was blessed to encounter Renée Quinn a few years ago while soliciting compassioned interest for the American Red Cross Broward County Chapter.

Renee’s heart was quick to react to the numerous needs of the local chapter of the American Red Cross, and offered her assistance to spread the word that our cause is a noble one. Her dedicated response to our Annual Runway Fashion Show resulted in endless hours of convincing other civic-minded individuals and companies to jump on our bandwagon and offer their financial support so that we can continue to do our work here in Broward County.

In addition to her unwavering support for the American Red Cross, I am proud to call her my friend.”

John Karr | Chapter Executive | American Red Cross

“I worked closely with Renée as co-chair of the annual major fundraising event for the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens “Impressions of Florida 2010”, a juried art competition, sale and cocktail party benefiting the historic estate.

Renée brought an energy and creative spark to our event that we had not seen before. Her greatest strength is her ability to see the benefits of cross pollinating different organizations and connecting businesses in a way that ultimately makes sense for both parties to get involved and give their time, funding or volunteers.

She was instrumental in coordinating many of the themed pieces of the evening’s festivities and has great creative sensibilities. She knows how to differentiate an event and make it truly special. I know she’ll be a big success in her new venture. She fills a niche and provides a service that helps make every event a success.”

Arthur Crispino | Cultivation & Stewardship Chair | Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

“Renée Quinn is one of those exciting and special people who accept all types of challenges with a passion and delivers results beyond expectations! She is an absolute delight to work with, has strong leadership capabilities and is results orientated. Her team building capabilities are widely acknowledged. She has the ability to surround herself with talented and enthusiastic individuals who share her passion, mission and goals. She is extremely well organized, always the ultimate professional and highly regarded by the community and her colleagues.

I have the distinct pleasure of serving with Renee on the Riverwalk Trust Board and have seen her unique leadership talents well serve this Board during a recent transition period between Presidents/CEOs.

Finally, it would not be a community or business event of any consequence if I did not see Renée there.”

Frank Herhold | Executive Director | Marine Industries Association of South Florida

“Renée is unique in her outstanding ability, energy, and broad perspective. I have known Renée for quite some time, and the relationship began with her volunteerism. Her willingness to get involved in new initiatives to guide their creation and execution, as well as her resolve to remain loyal and supportive of so many philanthropic endeavors is admirable. She is a real professional, and can work through a myriad of challenges toward a successful conclusion. We are fortunate that Renée is a part of our community, helping to make it a better place to live!”

Melissa Aiello | President | Junior Achievement of South Florida

“Benjamin Franklin once said that all of mankind can be divided into three classes: the immovable, the movable and those who move. In her June column, our immediate past president, Renée Quinn reflected on the past presidents of the Riverwalk Trust. It is a legacy of leadership by which I am humbled. And, it’s a list comprised of “movers,” to be sure. Each has applied a unique perspective to the mission of the Riverwalk Trust, making a positive and lasting impression on the organization and by extension, the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Certainly none has been a greater “mover” than our immediate past president, Renée Quinn. During her two year term, she focused on building relationships and aligning our organization with those that share a common interest in creating a vibrant and vital downtown community. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her passion is sincere, and she has made our participation enjoyable and rewarding.”

As originally published in GoRiverwalk Magazine

Kelley Shanley | President and CEO | Broward Center for the Performing Arts

“We are fortunate that Renée Quinn is passionate about supporting higher education and FAU. She is always ready to lend her signature creativity to our events and initiatives, and is never too busy to be there for us. As good stewards of state resources, we continually strive to do more with less. Renée’s advocacy as a member of the FAU Broward President’s Community Council is very valuable because it allows the University to have a presence everywhere she goes. We enthusiastically recommend Renée!”

Dr. Carolyn Stewart, MBA | Assistant Vice President | Florida Atlantic University

“Renée and I are former colleagues at Bank of New York Mellon and we worked closely together for almost two years. Renée was one of the most dedicated colleagues I ever had the pleasure of working with and always lead by example. While working at Bank of New York Mellon her team members always found her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Renee always went above and beyond for her clients and her passion for supporting non-profit organizations and local causes are another testament to her outstanding character.”

Jim Fritz | Senior Sales Director | Bank of New York Mellon

“With an eye for detail and a creative flair at delivery, Renée Korbel Quinn is a rare commodity. From a very successful career in banking and including a passion for community service, Renée continues to display a dynamic and unique approach to any project that she undertakes. Her continued success can be attributed to how she researches her projects, plans the execution and delivers quality every time…and she doesn’t just deliver, she does it ahead of schedule, under budget and with a team willing to continue to do more.

I have had the pleasure of sitting on a number of Boards and Committees with Renée as well as working on a variety of community projects. Based on her work ethic, her ability to connect a variety of partners and bring them to the table and by consistently using a unique approach to each task, she is one of the strongest and most sought-after individuals in the community.”

Genia Duncan Ellis, tmg,CA | Ellis Consulting

“Renée brings a unique vision to the charitable organizations she works with. She has the ability to see outside the box and maximize the bottom line of an event and up the “fun” quotient. When guests leave they feel they have contributed to a worthy cause and have had a memorable experience. All in all she makes sure it is a win-win for the charity and the guest.”

Diana Metcalf | Major Gifts Officer | Junior Achievement of South Florida

“I have had the pleasure of working with Renée Quinn for the past four years as a board member for the Riverwalk Trust. Her contributions to the Trust and to our community are too numerous to mention here. She does not get involved in community affairs for any reason other than it is the right thing to do and she does it with an unmatched enthusiasm and efficiency. When Renée wraps her arms around a project rest assured it will be planned and executed beyond your expectations.”

Joseph R Marotta | Executive Vice President | Premier Beverage Company

“Renée Quinn has demonstrated an ability to juggle multiple projects different in scope and scale, in an articulate and detail oriented manner. Her proficiency in managing both profit and not-for profit projects and organizations sets her apart from many other leaders in the industry. Renee has a keen ability to prioritize and identify the needs set in front of her and take things to the next level. Her energy and can do attitude is second to none.”

Shai Zelering | General Manager | The London NYC | Luxury Resorts & Hotels

“Renée Quinn is one of the best connectors and relationship builders I know. She is an absolute pro at bringing value to the table for anyone and anything at anytime. She has the unique combination of business acumen and savvy mixed with unbelievable creativity. She brings this not only to her clients but to her local community as well. Her professionalism is unmatched, and she has an incredible way with people. Due to her great successes, she has become a hot commodity in both business and charity, and those who are blessed (like the Riverwalk Trust) to benefit from her time and talent are truly better for it.”

Patsy Mennuti | President & CEO | Riverwalk Trust

“It has been my pleasure to sit on the board of directors of the Riverwalk Trust with Renée Quinn for the past seven years. During the time, Renée has shown continued leadership skills with a passion rarely seen. From being president of the board, past president and most recently transition President and CEO, Renee steps in and gets the job done, not missing a detail. I would highly recommend Renée for anyone who has a mission and needs direction in meeting your goals.”

Mark Budwig | President | SMark Graphics

“QuinnProQuo, a very appropriate name for a unique new company, an integrative combination of her dynamic ability to pair people and organizations. Renée brings the best combination of two worlds, a native Floridian with a Sicilian heritage, she never meets a stranger, is loyal to family and friends and possesses a sophisticated sense of style and the ability to recognize the best in others. After working with Renée personally on a huge annual event, the Royal Dames of Cancer Research Tiara Ball, I am even more impressed with her energy, creativity and strong work ethic.”

Janet Davis | President | Royal Dames of Cancer Research

“Renée is a true professional.What ever project she involves herself with gets her full attention to detail. She has an unique ability to bring groups together and help them achieve their goals. Fort Lauderdale has been most fortunate to have had the volunteer services of such a dedicated leader and motivator.”

Derek Parsons | President | Windsor Diamonds

“”MVP” is an accolade that most people would apply to Renée; my insight into Renée is that she can see the “big picture” in a situation without a laborious endeavor; working with her in the financial arena has proven those attributes consistently. Any entity will benefit from their association with her.”

Richard F. Kinzer | Senior Vice President | Gibraltar Private Bank

“I had the distinct pleasure of working directly with Renée for five years at Comerica Private Bank. Renée played a large role in my progress and professional development. I looked up to her as my mentor and someone who I could always turn to for guidance. She was dedicated to providing outstanding client service to our private banking clients while making our transactional clients feel welcomed as well. Renée has a special talent that makes people feel genuinely special.”

Mindy A. Gonzalez | Branch Administrator | Comerica Bank

“Renée Quinn graciously accepted the position of Riverwalk Trust Board Transition Chair to help transition the organization between presidents/CEOs. Renée effortlessly and quickly stepped in and amassed an amazing amount of data and material, assimilated it and efficiently had it summed up with a recommended plan for moving the organization ahead. She has been extremely organized and professional in this task and has been of great assistance to the organization. Her leadership and wisdom on this project shows great acumen for a potential career in consulting, if Renee chooses to go down that professional road.”

Patsy Mennuti | Executive Editor | Go Riverwalk Magazine, a publication of the Riverwalk Trust

“Renée is a business powerhouse. Her grasp, vision, and execution of projects is extraordinary. The work accomplished as Board Chair and Member of Riverwalk Trust has poised her to make this transition a positive experience for all concerned.”

Mark Corbett | Director, Strategic Marketing | TravelHost Media